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Guiyang Fangzhou High-tech Co., Ltd

——A Solution Provider for Smart City of New Model

Fangzhou Technologies contributes to human’s information communication technology. Founded in 1998 with registered capital of 50.5 million RMB, Guiyang Fangzhou High-tech Co., Ltd. is one of Guizhou Province’s leading equipment suppliers, system integrator and solution providers of smart city in the fields of large scale video surveillance, computer network system integration and intelligent building systems. We are the top 30 security system integration supplier of Western China and top 100 security enterprise of China.

The company’s competency and statue are strongly reflected from the numerous professional licenses and accolades awarded by state ministries such as State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China, China Meteorological Administration and Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China (MOHURD). Moreover, the company have obtained dozens of domestic patents for utility models. With certification in ISO9001 Quality Management System, Fangzhou offers a comprehensive and excellent service system supported by 4 professors, 8 senior engineers and 14 specialists with postgraduate degrees that covers pre-sale proposed solution, mid-sale coordination and communication and after-sale maintenance of network (product) faults and receives high approval rating from customers and wide recognition from customers and wide recognition from the industry. The product quality, technical quality and service quality of constructed light current network projects have consistently met customers’ high expectations, with more than 80% projects were labeled “high-quality project” and “excellent project”.

In the filed of video surveillance, the company puts technology first with gifted personnel as its foundations. Throwing a wide net for recruitment had drawn a batch of talented technical personnel with unique insights and special skills in video surveillance and anti-theft alarm system. Great strides have been made in several fields of application in video surveillance technology, especially in the “Smart(Safe) City” project that requires the highest degree of technical integration and faces the biggest challenges in construction. It participated in the whole process of designing and implementing Weining county urban alarm and surveillance system(Phase I&II&III) and in urban surveillance system projects for almost 20 cities and counties like Nayong County, Sansui County, Pinba County and Jianhe County. As one of the leading solution providers, system integrators and alarm services suppliers in the “Smart Project” of Guizhou Province, Fangzhou is unrivaled in its wide-ranging capabilities.

Fangzhou had constructed and is constructing a number of intelligent-building projects, which have garnered rave reviews in the industry and have proven its technological superiority and service capacity in the communication network system, office automation system, building equipment monitoring system, security system and comprehensive cabling system. From intelligent buildings to smart city, Fangzhou Technologies will continue to offer high-quality products, advanced technologies and high-efficiency services that uphold its ideals of “strengthing through advanced and modern technologies and giving back to the society” to keep Fangzhou in the forefront of the industry in Guizhou Province.

Fangzhou Technologies contributes to human’s information communication technology.


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