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Secure city (Urban Monitoring & Alarm Networking System) is having an integrated, multifunctional, comprehensive and large-scale monitoring & alarm system covering the whole city which adopts multi-level deployment and distributed system structure and consists of a three-level monitoring center. Its business scope covers multiple public security sectors such as public security, traffic control, fire control, criminal investigation and internal defense, including independent and interactive subsystems such as image monitoring and alarm systems(including vehicle-borne mobile camera system), key installations monitoring and alarm system, technical residential area protection system, PGIS system and CAS motor vehicle anti-theft and anti-robbery alarm system, road traffic monitoring and gate system and electronic patrol management system. Secure City system does not only stress the construction of the above subsystems, but also establish a complete and dynamic public security monitoring with pre-alarm, prevention and integrated response system that is built on a platform integrating functions like alarming, receiving alarm, monitoring, interlock, prearranged planning and comprehensive analysis.


Building Intelligent

Building intelligence projects include ten subdivision projects of communication network system, office automation system, building equipment monitoring system, fire alarm and fire control linkage(interlock)system, security system, comprehensive cabling system, intelligence integration system, power and ground connection, environment, community intelligence system. Intelligent building involves working with the building structure together with its facilities, service and management in order to provide users with a high-efficiency, comfortable, convenient and humanized building environment that caters to individual requirements.



Supervision and Monitoring

Monitoring Command System is a comprehensive management platform specially designed for prisons, detention center, reform centers and drug rehabilitation centers, etc. It is a huge software platform that integrates multiple subsystems and is specially used for comprehensive supervision management, like video surveillance, access control, intercom, alarm, patrol, smart action, perimeter alarm, daily on-goings and emergency command. It greatly improves safeguards and the ability to deal with emergencies of the supervision department. Through digitalized monitoring command system, resources sharing and information intercommunication of the following subsystems can be realized and brings uniformity to the management of security subsystems, integrated interlock of the subsystems, information interconnection and intercommunication (inter-exchanging) between superiors and subordinates. In addition, the overall emergency interlock and execution of pre-arranged planning in supervisory centers can be realized.



Campus Monitoring

With the continual expansion of schools, students gather in a high density, the campus becomes more open and the logistics services becomes more privatized. How to deal with campus security work, emergencies and mass incidents in order to reduce campus violence and effectively protect the campus has now become the focus of the society. The Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Public Security, The Na national Safety Supervision Administration Bureau and departments in different regions throughout the country have successively promulgate policies and regulations regarding developing secure campus construction to further strengthen the campus security work supervision, inspection and direction under the law and provide adequate security services to effectively strengthen campus security. Through its accumulation of industrial experience and strict adherence to relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education in the field of education. Fanghzou Technologies is able to play a pivotal role in offering a set of integrated solutions on campus monitoring, examination patrol and multimedia teaching,etc. And has contributed to the construction of the school.



Intelligent Traffic Monitoring and HD Checkpoint

With rapid economic development, tensions in urban rod traffic management gradually gain prominence, with road traffic safety and smooth traffic flow becomes  especially crucial. To effectively improve road traffic flow by modern technological means is the primary trend of road traffic development in this country. Carrying out off-site law enforcement by ITS system and traffic management by means of monitoring is the mainstream of urban traffic structure today. Urban intelligent transportation solution integrates automatic red light violation recording system(E-police system), road video monitoring system, traffic signal control system(checkpoint system), rodeo video monitoring system, traffic signal control system,traffic information collection system, traffic guidance display system, vehicle GPS and large screen display system. It revolutionizes traditional pattern of static management and single-point management and realizes the new pattern of real-time and dynamic joint management that raises the level of urban traffic information management.




Forest Fire Prevention

Forest fire is one of world’s main forestry disasters. With the constant development of forestation works in China, fire prevention work becomes a primary task. Forest fire prevention must closely follow the policy of “putting prevention first and active firefighting”through actual early detection and early suppression. The video surveillance system solution for forest fire prevention focuses on forest fire monitoring and comprehensively applies advanced and modern technologies like GIS technology, wireless transmission technology, energy conversion technology and digital image processing technology to etc, in the forest reserves resources management. Forest fire monitoring and commanding system focuses on forest fire monitoring, while monitoring the forest fire, it can also effectively monitor forest reserves, ecological environment, forest diseases and pests and wild animals,etc. It really meets the needs of forest fire prevention and daily routine management in forest regions.



Urgent Broadcasting SystemVillage Ring

It is based on local area network(LAN) and wide area network(WAN)transmission (cross-segment and multi-router)technology and dedicated to broadcasting and intercom in public places of villages and towns. As an all-in -one system, it enables the government to make comprehensive broadcasts on agriculture, science and technology, sanitation,public security, disaster relief, emergency and early warning, etc. In villages and towns and effectively establishes a new and socialistic countryside information structure.

The village ring broadcast system integrate IP network intercom into one and applies digital audio and video technology that thoroughly solves echo abd squeaking during network intercom.

H.264 video, MP3 broadcast and 32K audio sampling calls are adopted.

Main functions

*Public broadcast: whole-area/subarea/timed broadcast, firecontrol broadcast and disaster emergency broadcast.

*Video intercom: Full-duplex HD video intercom,call hosting,calls uploading, busy call transfer, call transfer, power-off transfer, loop tapping/monitoring.

*Emergency alert: Sub-screen display, electronic map, call alert, alarm interlock and multi-level management.

* Video and audio recording: Management host can take video and audio recording during calls (video and audio recording on SD card equipped machine) and can search, broadcast, store and upload them to the server .       



Patrol Alarm System

The six-in-one system(integrating new applications of fingerprint patrol, visual intercom, emergency alert, public broadcast, video and audio recording and police announcement)forms the basis of the urban vigilance and surveillance system that also devices for patrolling and emergency alert in places like malls, streets, etc. Warning signals are transmitted via dedicated police network to the system’s command and control center for corresponding supervision and response.

Main features

*an all-in-one system that combines the planning, the design, the command and control and the deployment systems of both the police and security personnel so as to maximize police presence in the streets and achieve tighter coordination between manpower and technology in urban vigilance and surveillance.

*Full-duplex HD video intercom, emergency alert, hosting, sub-screen display, electronic map and alarm interlock.

*Calls uploading, busy call transfer, call transfer, power-off transfer, loop tapping/monitoring, encrypted call.

*Multi-level management, whole-area/subarea/scheduled broadcasting, video and audio recording on SD cars, text/picture/audio&video publishing.

*Equipped with ;liquid crystal display(LCD) that can display police information, anti-fraud information, fire prevention information, and emergencies, anti-theft information, anti-tampering, fireproofed and anti-theft LCD that displays police information and emergency announcement in a multimedia format.



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