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Fangzhou Technologies in Pakistan——Participation in the 13th International Fire, Safety, Security &
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Safe and security have been a global challenge. Each and every individuals and organizations are very care about this issue. With the stress of globalization and its security in trade, the abidance of international standard have became a trend. Governments actively take effective measures to increase the need in the latest technologies, advances of equipment and improvement of services. The International Fire, Safety, Security & Health Exhibition & Conference in Pakistan is a fully platform in all respects. Experts in this platform would discuss the measures of latest security, deeply investigate the existed problem in this field and challenges. It would provide a great opportunity for participants of this exhibition, leaders of fields, technical experts and security professionals to exchange information.

Located in South Asia and connected with central Asia and Arabian Sea, Pakistan is one of 12 countries with its population over 1.2 billions. According to the import amount of main import products of 2015 in Pakistan, it shows that the procurement in security market is over 1.7 billion dollars. Most security products of Pakistan are imported from China, Taiwan, Korea. Japan, America and other western countries and regions. Pakistan’s need for security products grows at an annual rate of 15%-20%, especially the needs for High-tech products grows nearly at an annual rate of 40%. the total amount as estimated would over 55 million dollars.

Fire accidents are on the rise in Pakistan. At present, 155 fire departments locate in different main cities of Pakistan and these departments need to deal with over 1000 fire accidents each year. To prevent fire and improve the efficiency of fire rescue, governments of Pakistan have increased the budgets in fire protection. Besides, the building of new types projects, such as business shopping centers, hotels, airports. Industrial parks are need the installation of security products and equipment. The needs for security market in Pakistan are growing, which is not only in public security but also in individual security. Pakistan have a great market with its infinite potential. So this exhibition is a great platform and chance for companies step into Pakistan, South Asia and even Middle East.


From March 7 to March 9, 2017, the 13th International Fire, Safety, Security & Health Exhibition & Conference in Pakistan was held in Islamabad for three days from March 7 to March 9, 2017. Fangzhou Technologies participated in this exhibition with its own products and technology far from China to Pakistan.



Luo Gangju, the General Manager of Fangzhou Technologies with company staff participated in the 13th International Fire, Safety, Security & Health Exhibition & Conference in Pakistan. 



Fangzhou Technology Platform


The staff of Fangzhou Technologies is introducing their products to customers.


This exhibition lets Fangzhou Technologies to step out of our nation in real meaning and gets the further deep understanding and impressions from foreign enterprises to Guizhou Security enterprises. This exhibition is not only a major leap for Fangzhou Technologies but also a major progress in the development of Guizhou security.

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