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Percise construction

Standardize each construction process, audit the quantitative indicators of each process, and achieve strict customer standards with workmanship standards that closely match the project budget.

Customized services

We provide customized and professional services in video management, security incident response process integration, service support, group branch connection and many other aspects.

Complete supply chain

From sensors to artificial intelligence real-time analysis system, we provide independent and controllable technology components of the whole industry chain and supporting services.

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No need to keep meeting to form a perfect enterprise security management solution
Our software solutions provide advanced security experience

FangZhou Security Solutions offers a wealth of functional features, options and tools that make it easy to take control of the security landscape in a complex business environment and a multitude of hardware products, supporting you to move from victory to victory in a tough marketplace.

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0 X 7

According to the customer cost to provide a refined operation and maintenance service support, so you have no worries !


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  We provide 24x7 operation and maintenance support services to ensure the stability and continuity of your critical business. automated scheduling of AI, pre-problem troubleshooting based on data characteristics, coordination and coordination of multiple business units, and preparation of emergency plans all demonstrate the industry's dedication and accumulation.

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    We provide 5 X 8 economic operation and maintenance support services, not only to protect your business continuity, but also to consider the economy of operation and maintenance. We help customers find key business links and provide them with professional support tools using our industry expertise in O&M, so that they can realize customized O&M support solutions combined with their own business processes.

  According to the customer's project budget, we provide on-site services for engineers, who are professionally trained, certified and regularly evaluated. We provide customers with fully controllable business support while reducing the overall investment in manpower management. A perfect balance of convenience and professionalism.

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  In China's public prosecution and law enforcement industry, we have gone through thousands of projects to refine and gather experience in integrating many national projects, and we have been working hard to deliver solutions and products that lead the security needs of the times. We hope to contribute to the industry professionalism with the most profound accumulation in the industry.

    The times need to embrace AI, cloud-based, big data-supported business digital insight has quietly arrived, in the chaos of the business, how to find value in a mobile and flexible, how to effectively reduce costs, all to our security infrastructure has put forward a new era of requirements. Our program 10 years to forge the sword, would like to gobble with you.

Integration is not product stacking, integration is not an industry closed loop, we prefer to create a flexible space between product vendors and field implementation. Bring lasting value experience to customers. Effectively guarantee the quality of the project, effectively improve the customer input-output ratio, and truly provide a solid foundation platform for customer satisfaction。

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Our solutions grow with our customers, so if you have demanding security requirements, then we are the best partner for you.


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In recent years, the total number of enterprises engaged in the security industry in China is about 30,000. More than 1.6 million employees; total annual revenue of security enterprises close to 756.2 billion yuan, an average annual growth of 9.6%. In recent years, the total revenue of security products is about 370.6 billion yuan, accounting for 49% of the total output value; security systems integration and engineering market is about 357.7 billion yuan, accounting for 47.3%; alarm operation market and other about 27.9 billion yuan, accounting for 3.7%.


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